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to empower your teams

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Increase in the click-through rate of employee-centered content recommended by Bee-AI


Our methodology and technology to train your teams with fluid and automatic content recommendation.

The right training. For the right people. At the right time. Wherever your team is.

We built a recommendation algorithm and a unique learning model, enabling you to identify personal preferences, performance, interactions, and the needs of each student.

The Artificial Intelligence of Beedoo (Bee.AI) was created through an algorithm capable of developing customized tracks for everyone, considering 7 parameters to recommend more accurately, being them: performance indicators, feedbacks, trends and updates, recent searches, preferences and mood, most viewed content, and test results. All this to ensure an individual and unique learning.

A fluid experience for the user, creating an emotional connection.

Recommendation of content and training in a fluid and automatic way in feed, wiki, and courses.

Recommendation of articles and courses in the Feed.

Suggestion of related articles.

Automatic category of Recommended in Courses and Wiki

Real artificial intelligence!

AI at the heart of everything and everything Integrated!

All the power of Artificial Intelligence to a new world of work. Beedoo offers a new way to learn from concepts of Social and Fast Learning, Gamefication, Analytical Management, Cognitive Knowledge Base and Artificial Intelligence. All integrated and in one place. Beedoo’s powerful algorithm, in addition to recommending content and acting on all functionality, it is also able to deliver accurate insights for content administrators and designers, all simply and quickly.


Content recommendation fluidly during the platform usage process


Virtual assistants that respond passively to the user only when information is requested.


It uses the concept of fluidity and suitability to the behavior, such as Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify.


Algorithms are focused on user behavior, based on their needs and preferences

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