Everything your team
needs in one place

Communication, knowledge base,
training and recognition

Explore campaigns and posts for video, image, or .gif content with unique learning analytics and content relevance capabilities. Create your communication channel directly with the operation and keep everyone up to date on a day-to-day basis. Users can react to content and ask questions through comments and mentions, generating greater engagement and adherence in relation to traditional models of LMS and E-learning.

Speed and efficiency

Beedoo was designed to be intuitively easy! Quickly put your campaigns on the air, simply publish your training programs, and more.


Deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Target content by groups and teams. Interaction and information in real time. We create powerful resources for fast, organized, and relevant communication.

Create channels for quickly and centrally exchanging information. Organize the subjects by topics, specific topics, teams and see the collaboration happen. With local or remote teams stay in control of information with public or private channels. A powerful tool for corporate engagement and collective doubt solving! All conversations are stored and available to administrators.

Powerful features

Real-time messaging. Publication of text and images with possibility of reaction and response. Content moderation with complaint monitoring.


Leaders, instructors, and areas can create channels for communicating with groups of people in a real-time chat. A powerful tool for collaboration.

Build a powerful knowledge base with the Beedoo Wiki! Empower your team with all the information of processes and operation procedures centralized on our Wiki, that’s already suitable for the LGPD. Get access control, views, downloads, version history, and more. Include attachments of various types and formats (Scorm, PDF, ppt, xls, doc, mp4, etc.), use videos to exemplify processes and procedures directly in Beedoo. All this organized and indexed with a powerful search to speed up access to the right information at the right time.

Cognitive technology

With IBM's Watson technology, the Beedoo Wiki provides a cognitive knowledge base with content organized and indexed in a powerful search. Information available easily and quickly in one place.

Fall in love with Beebot

Meet Beebot! The Intelligent Virtual Assistant integrated with the Wiki. It answers users' questions using natural language (NPL), recommends content with video tutorials, and still manages to perform a walkthrough with the user.

Simple, fast, and intuitive, Beedoo has created the concept of Fast Learning™, the LMS you need in your operation. Engage your employees in a light and fun social learning experience. Organize content, manage, and centralize learning activities in formats that drive team engagement. Give the team the autonomy to development courses, publish content tracks, and get results assessments quickly. Be free to use the content in various formats: SCORM, PPT, PDF, DOC, XLS, MP4, External Links and more… You can still use your own content from Wiki or Beedoo Feed to create your courses, that’s abeedooct!

High performance

Beedoo is a different LMS tool from the ones you know! It's designed for teams that don't have time available because they're always busy with their tasks. With Beedoo in operation see the results happen, have shorter pause time and increased productivity.

Made for the new generation

Beedoo is fun and intuitive, aimed at the new generations X, Y, Z and Millennials that are present in most service teams.

Have a team engaged and motivated with Beedoo’s gamification features. Quickly create and customize a reward model with themes suitable for your operation. A smart, fun, and fully integrated solution with a prize store, to stimulate engagement and reward your team’s results.

Recognition for performance

Beedoo is prepared to help you recognize each employee's efforts through a points, levels, and medals system, automatically or manually. Create industry-driven and area-driven campaigns, special prizes, recognize with medals, and more. Activate your rewards store and watch engagement happens.

Prize shop

Have your own custom and integrated prize store for your team to redeem the points earned within Beedoo. Create your own rewards or use numbered electronic vouchers integrated with the most diverse e-commerce in Brazil and the world.

Learn everything in real time! Statistics and management data are not lacking in Beedoo, from micro to macro, have control of the main indicators in each of our functionalities. View, for example, Adherence and Hits metrics, even lists of views, who didn’t respond to tests, and more.

Visual Management

Choose the best way to view data, tables, charts, lists, or export to Excel. Everything you've ever needed to efficiently manage the communication and training of your teams.

Multilevel indicators

With the Beedoo statistics dashboard, you can see your team's development, understand where the improvement points are, which content is most accessed, filter results by group, instructor, user, and more. Use the power of data to your advantage, that's Beedoo.

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