Train your teams with fluid and automatic content recommendation.

The right training, for the right people at the right time, wherever your team is.

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all the power of



We are going to abeedooct your teams

Beedoo is a leader in training and communication of operational teams.

With the Beedoo platform you use Social Learning and gamification to power collective learning quickly and with high engagement. Make communication and training of frontline teams more agile, productive, and efficient. That’s abeedooct!

Beedoo will solve your communication, training, and engagement problems!

Simple to use and
all integrated

Integrated features to maximize the learning experience and improve the performance of your teams.


Turbine your ship with our Power Apps.

Additional features that will further enhance your results.

Count on a market-leading platform that explores the new frontier of empowerment

Count on the power of Artificial Intelligence

Automatic content recommendation.

Social and Collaborative

Full interactivity and content sharing. A knowledge base for collective learning with communication channels for exchanging messages, files, and feedback so quickly, simply, and efficiently.

Do Fast Trainings

Fast, practical, and fun content that doesn't take up time and engage teams.

Gamify and Engage

Rewards and prominence through interactions and performance of operational indicators.

All mobile
and multiscreen​

Usability designed for field teams. Content and knowledge anywhere, anytime, in any format.

Rapid deployment

Your project running and deployed in 2 weeks. All team trained and with incredible support from our successful analysts of the CS team.

Beedoo will improve the productivity and quality results of your teams.

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increase in team productivity with time savings and greater training.
+ 0 %
in quality improvement with reduction of errors and failures in processes and procedures.
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Brazil, USA, Europe and LATAM
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